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Cathedrals have functioned throughout history as a place where the best of the human spirit is brought to God. The construction of cathedrals enlisted the best of artisans and materials. Their grandeur stands as an inspiration for the music, sculpture, and vesture that would be enlisted in the Church’s worship of her Lord and God.

Cathedral Music will serve as the vehicle which will enable The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception to continue that long tradition of Cathedrals to bring the best, the most beautiful of the Church’s tradition of music, to the service of the liturgy and the glory of God.

Cathedral Music will provide funds for the enlisting of instrumentalists and musicians not just at major liturgical holy days but throughout the year so Sunday may reclaim its rightful demands on us.

Please use the options below to make your donation to Cathedral Music. All gifts are appreciated and welcomed. May God bless you for your help.


William H. Pape


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